CONSUMER PLATFORM WITH UNIQUE BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE. is a free consumer platform where visitors meet professional travel experts who specialize in a particular destination or travel theme. The platform offers excellent business opportunities for recognized travel experts, travel entrepreneurs and tourism agencies to actively participate in this growing segment of the travel worldd.

Example price calculation
Advertising has been made very affordable. The calculation is simple and takes place via the form below.

Fill-in screen: You decide when and where your advertisement is most effective. The travwizards software ensures that your advertisement is shown at the right time in your own format. An advertising agreement is only concluded after you agree to the proposal at the end of the input screen. So you can experiment with the price until you find the perfect combination..

You choose from the interests, the continents and/or countries and add them together. The standard duration is 5 seconds. If you want to display longer, that is possible: eg 10 seconds, price x factor 2. The ‘season dependence’ factor is determined by the months in which you wish to advertise. Example: If you opt for 3 interests (3 x 10 euros), a continent of Asia (1 x 25 euros), 10 seconds (factor 2), in December and January (factor 2) The total costs will then be 55 X 2 x 2 = 220 euros. (220 euros for 2 months on exactly the pages your target group visits).